Here are some maintenance tips from the experts at Star Appliance Repair.
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The most important thing that needs to be done to keep your fridge running effectively  is to take good care of the coils. The coils on your fridge are located on the bottom or behind of your refrigerator. These coils attract dust, and debris and when they are covered with dust they have to work harder to maintain a cool temperature within your refrigerator. The harder they have to work, the higher your electricity bill will be. So make sure to clean those coils. Its a simple task to do on ones own. Simply pull your refrigerator away from the wall and then vacuum the dust off of them.

If you overload your dishwasher, your dishes will not get cleaned properly.  Try taking some of the dishes out. On some machines it is important not to cover the power tower cleaner, located in the center of your dishwasher. If you put too many pots and pans on the bottom rack the water won’t be able to get to the dishes on the top rack. Always make sure that the door is latched securely and don’t forget to use the proper detergent.

If an oven door does not close properly, heat can escape. Make sure the door closes tightly and evenly. If it doesn’t, check for broken or bent door hinges or door springs, which should be replaced.  Also. remove and clean range knobs with a non-abrasive cleaner. This will help to preserve the stenciling on the knob. Replace any broken or illegible knobs to make your range look new again.

If your washer is totally non responsive you might want to check if it’s plugged in or might have blown a fuse in the fuse box inside your apartment or outside your house. If your washer is leaking you will want to check the drain hose, making sure it’s properly connected to the drain and does not have any cracks. If your washer keeps filling up with water for a long period of time and never switches to the agitate cycle, you will need to check that the drain hose is placed at the right height. When installed too low or placed too deep into the drain there is a natural siphoning effect that occurs that does not allows the washer to fill to the appropriate amount before switching to the next cycle.

If your dryer is not working properly, here are a couple of steps you can verify on your own. First, check and make sure the unit is plugged in. Then, check the switch and the door. If the door is not closed all the way it will not work. If it works but the air is not hot, you may have a problem with the heating element, thermostat sensors, or coils which should be replaced. If it won’t start at all check for a blown thermal fuse. This particular fuse usually is attached to the exhaust duct inside of the back cover panel. You may need to replace it. If the motor works but the dryer does not turn, the dryer belt, which turns the drum, may be broken. If you decide to do the dryer repair on your own, always make sure that the dryer is unplugged when performing any type of dryer repair.

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